Social Sciences Research Center, a sub-organizational unit at International Burch University, was established in 2013 with the basic goal of contributing to solving social issues in local communities, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Western Balkans region, and wider. In the previous eight years, the SSRC developed in the direction of social research in the fields of economics law, and political science, whilst maintaining its initial idea of contributing to societal development through research.

In essence, the SSRC specialized in social research, i.e., society and its elements with an emphasis on the relations between them. Social sciences cover a wide range of topics are are researched using a wide variety of quantitative and qaulitative methods.

Our Department for Economic Research deals with wealth and the division thereof in a society, viewing individuals and social groups as agents whose actions affect society as a whole and who strive to meeting needs using limited resources. Our Department for Legal Research deals with the issues of laws, their application, and the effects of their application and non-application on individals and society as such. Our Department for Political Science Research deals with the actions of activities of individuals as political beings in the context of participation in political processes in all elements, including when research subjects are other subjects, including for example in international relations.

The Social Sciences Research Center is led by Assoc. prof. dr. Alija Kožljak, while the individual departments are led by Assoc. prof. dr. Aids Omerbegović Arapović (Department for Economic Research), Assoc. prof. dr. Esad Oruč (Deparment for Legal Research), and dr. Lejla Ramić-Mesihović (Department for Political Research Studies). The Secretary is Šejla Sarač, LL.B. Adem Olovčić, MA, Amer Kurtović, MA, and Zerina Čaušević, MA are engaged are senior research assistants.