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  • Book Promotion for “Born for Success” held in Tuzla
04.02.2016. Book Promotion for “Born for Success” held in Tuzla On February 4, 2016, the fifth book promotion of "Born for Success - from an applauder to applause" by Kemal H. Balhodžić in Tuzla's Bosnian Cultural Center.

The book deals with the theme of success and offers helpful advice to young people on their path toward success. It is divided into two parts: the first talks about successful people's characteristics, while the second offers advice on how to be successful at the workplace. It is written in a way so that it can be implemented both in everyday life and in major, rare events and challenges.

Besides Mr. Balihodžić, his work colleague and a representative of the publisher, the Social Sciences Research Center, Mr. Elmedin Bišić spoke about the book.

The book promotion, like all others, was interactive in nature and the audience had an opportunity to participate in it.

The host of the event, Tuzla’s Bosnian Cultural Center, was very satisfied with both the speakers and the event itself. Kemal Balihodžić is currently employed as the Head of the Marketing and Communications Office at the International Burch University and a Senior Assistant at the Department of International Relations and European Studies.