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  • Book Promotion for “Born for Success” held in Travnik
17.12.2015. Book Promotion for “Born for Success” held in Travnik Today, on December 17, 2015, a book promotion of Kemal Balihodžić’s “Born for Success - from an Applauder to Applause” was held in Travnik’s Elci Ibrahim Pasha’s Madrasa.

This is the fourth book promotion of “Born for Success - from an Applauder to Applause,” which deals with the topic of success and offers helpful advice to young people on their way toward success.

Kemal Balihodžić is currently employed as the Head of the Marketing and Communications Office at the International Burch University and senior assistent at the Department of International Relations and European Studies at the same university.

Elči Ibrahim Pasha's Madrasa in Travnik was the host, which has a special place in Mr. Balihodžić's heart: he was a graduate of this high quality educational organization.

Regular speaker Mr. Balihodžić, attorney Elvir Čolak, and Social Sciences Research Center representative Nijaz Hlivnjak all spoke at the event. According to the host, the promotion was an excellent opportunity for students of the madrasah to familiarize Mr. Balihodžić's work and will certainly have a motivating effect on all of them later in their lives, despite any obstacles and challenges.

  The Social Sciences Research Center intends on holding another book promotion in January in Mostar.