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27.11.2015. IBU AND PROCREDIT BANK ANNOUNCE COOPERATION ProCredit Bank employees visited International Burch University on November 27 in order to further the two institutions' cooperation.

Rrepresentatives of ProCredit Bank's IT and HR departments visited International Burch University on November 27, 2015. After a presentation and a tour of the campus, a meeting was held which the Deputy Director of the Social Sciences Research Center, Mensur Zoletić attendded. The Center has functioned for two years with an overarching aim to provide support to academic and investigative work in the social sciences, which ProCredit Bank recognized. Several methods of cooperations in the near future were discussed.

Also, at this opportunity, the bank's attorneys and other employees of its Legal department were invited to the academic conference "Harmonization of Laws with the Acquis" on Decemeber 16 at the International Burch University. Furthermore, one of the conference panels is specifically dedicated to those working in the banking sector (harmonization of the legal framework in the field of consumer protection, with an emphasis on financial services).

Representatives of the ProCredit Bank also showed how impressed they were with all segments of the University and communicated their readiness and eagerness for cooperation, which will certain benefit both sides and, in addition, allow students of this respected institution to realize their future projects. Representatives of the University hope to formalize cooperation in as short a timeframe as possible and look forward to justifying this level of trust.